Saturday, 31 January 2015

Chile's Bachelet takes on conservatives with plan to ease abortion ban

Chile's President Michelle Bachelet speaks at a news conference after her welcoming ceremony in the presidential palace in Guatemala City By Anthony Esposito SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Chile's president, Michelle Bachelet, unveiled plans on Saturday to ease a complete ban on abortions in the socially conservative South American country. In a televised address, leftist Bachelet said she was sending Congress a draft bill that would permit abortion when a mother's life is at risk, a fetus will not survive the pregnancy, or in the case of rape. The outright ban on terminations was put in place during the final days of Augusto Pinochet's 1973-1990 dictatorship. A number of attempts since then to legalize abortion have been blocked by right-wing legislators.

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Bacteria May Help Battle Cancer, Study Suggests

Weakened germ injected into tumor killed malignant cells, researchers report via Resurrection Health Care - Daily News More READ

Soccer-Player airlifted to hospital after injury in English game

Tommy Smith, a footballer for second-tier English club Huddersfield Town, had to be taken to hospital by helicopter after suffering a head injury in their game against Leeds. Smith, a 22-year-old defender, had to be taken off the pitch on a stretcher late in the Championship game after a collision with his own goalkeeper Joe Murphy. Straight after the game, an air ambulance helicopter landed on Huddersfield's John Smith's Stadium pitch to fly Smith to Leeds General Infirmary. via Health News Headlines - Yahoo News Read More Here..

Uruguay's Marijuana Law Faces an Uncertain Future

After Uruguay moved to legalize marijuana in 2013, the approach has taken root in Latin America with other countries now considering a revamp of their own drug laws. "Someone has to start in South America," Uruguayan President Jose Mujica said in late 2013 as he unveiled plans to make cannabis legal in his country. Under Mujica, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize marijuana all the way from the cannabis field to the joint, ...

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Spanish Hospital Uses Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Damaged Hearts

For the first time a Spanish hospital has successfully used stem cells culled from healthy donors to treat seven heart attack victims. Madrid's Gregorio Maranon hospital plans to treat 55 patients in all with the technique in a clinical trial, the regional Madrid government which runs the hospital said in a statement. "Seven patients have already been operated on and they have progressed very well despite having suffered serious damage to their heart ...

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British health worker being tested for Ebola after needle injury

A British military healthcare worker was flown back to England from Sierra Leone on Saturday following a needle-stick injury sustained while treating a person with Ebola, the Public Health England (PHE) service said on Saturday. The patient, who has not been named, has been taken for testing to the Royal Free Hospital in London. "They are likely to have been exposed to the Ebola virus but, at this time, have not been diagnosed with Ebola and do not have symptoms," PHE said in a statement. The Royal Free, Britain's main centre for Ebola cases, also successfully treated British aid worker William Pooley who contracted the virus in West Africa last year. via Health News Headlines - Yahoo News Read More Here..

Men Take Twice as Many Selfies as Women: Study

A new research has shown that men take twice more selfies and share them online as compared to women. The smartphone company HTC surveyed 2,000 Britishers and found that a quarter of men shares selfies to make their ex or current partner jealous, the Daily Star reported. The researchers found that men post an average of three self portraits each week as compared to women who post 1.6 pictures. The survey disclosed that men capture their ...

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British Woman Claims to Have Hundreds of Near Death Experiences

Beverley Gilmour has claimed that she has experienced around hundreds of near death experiences in her lifetime. She claimed to be the only British person to be receiving medical treatment for chronic near-death experiences, the Daily Express reported. A graphic designer by profession said that she had been going through near death experiences (NDE) three times in a month since 1987. Ms Gilmour explained she suffers from severe headaches ...

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People Remain Sexually Active Even in Their Old Age

A new study has claimed that people aged over 70 too enjoy an active sex life. According to new research from The University of Manchester and NatCen Social Research, more than half (54 percent) of men and almost a third (31 percent) of women over the age of 70 reported they were still sexually active, with a third of these men and women having frequent sex - meaning at least twice a month. It is the first study on sexual health of its kind to include ...

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