Friday, 28 November 2014

Treatment Breakthrough for Advanced Bladder Cancer Discovered

Treatment advances for advanced bladder cancer has not been there in the past 30 years, but scientists from Queen Mary University of London have made a breakthrough in developing a new therapy. Published today in iNature/i, the study examined an antibody (MPDL3280A) which blocks a protein (PD-L1) thought to help cancer cells evade immune detection. In a phase one, multi-centre international clinical trial, 68 patients with advanced bladder cancer (who had failed ...

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Cipla and Strides Sign Pact With MMV: Fight Against Malaria

In collaboration with MMV, based in Switzerland, Cipla and Strides Arcolab venture to develop rectal artesunate for pre-referral malaria treatment severe in children. The MMV-led project is UNITAID funded and intend to submit a rectal artesunate product to WHO World Health Organisation. A 5.6 million cases have been estimated for severe malaria every year and results to 627,000 deaths and it includes mostly children under five years. "We have agreed a clear ...

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Cancer Progression in Many Tumours may be Due to Enzymes

KRAS gene mutations have long been known to cause cancer, and about one in three of solid tumours have KRAS mutations or mutations in the KRAS pathway. KRAS promotes cancer formation not only by driving cell growth and division, but also by turning off protective tumor suppressor genes, which normally limit uncontrolled cell growth and cause damaged cells to self-destruct. A new University of Iowa study provided a deeper understanding of how KRAS turns off tumor ...

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Bahrain Woman on New Device 'Novalung' Until Lung Transplant

Fatima Mohammed, a 64-year-old woman from Bahrain had undergone a lung transplant few years ago as she had a lung failure. However, the lungs deteriorated due to a fungal condition, which led to Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS). She has now been put on artificial lungs named 'Novalung', an interventional lung assist (ILA), a part of which is outside the body is implanted through the femoral artery and vein. The artificial device does not require any external ...

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Abortion protesters: 'Our presence outside UK clinics empowers women'

As the British Pregnancy Advisory Service calls for 'buffer zones', free of protesters outside abortion clinics, anti-abortion activists say they will fight back

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Health Tip: Monitor Your Child's Fat and Cholesterol Consumption

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Health Tip: Easing Hand Eczema

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Vaccinate your toddlers against flu, parents urged

New 15-minute test for Ebola to undergo trials in West Africa

LONDON (Reuters) - A new test designed to rapidly diagnose Ebola virus infection is to be tried out at a treatment center for the disease in Guinea, international health charity The Wellcome Trust said on Friday.

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