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Recurrence of Ebola transmission in Liberia

On 9 May 2015, Liberia marked an important milestone in the management of their Ebola outbreak. On that day, the country was declared free of Ebola transmission because no new cases had been identified for 42 days after the safe burial of the last person confirmed to have been infected with Ebola virus disease.

Although transmission of the virus had ceased, Liberia remained at high risk of a recurrence of Ebola due to ongoing transmission in neighbouring Guinea and Sierra Leone. For this reason Liberia then entered a 90-day period of vigilance involving testing anyone with features of Ebola virus disease and testing post-mortem swabs for Ebola virus. via WHO news Read More Here..

26 Of The Healthiest Packaged Snacks At The Grocery Store

Plenty of options for your everyday snacking needs.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

When you need to just grab something and GO, here are some great and healthy packaged snacks that will hold you over to your next meal and satisfy those pesky cravings.

Remember: Snack time is inevitable. And if you're hungry you should eat.

Dole's Wildly Nutritious Mixed Berries

Dole's Wildly Nutritious Mixed Berries

High in vitamin C and fiber, this antioxidant blend tastes great whether it's in smoothies, over yogurt, or straight out of the bag by the handful. Go here for more nutritional information.

Serving Size: 1 cup
70 calories
0 g protein
0 g fat
0 mg sodium
17 g carbohydrates (11 g sugar, 5 g fiber)

The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas, Cracked Pepper

The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas, Cracked Pepper

These roasted chickpeas pack 5 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and only 130 calories per serving. Get more nutritional information here.

Serving Size: 1 oz
120 calories
5 g protein
3 g fat (0 g Sat. Fat, 0 g Trans Fat)
185 mg sodium
18 g carbohydrates (1 g sugar, 5 g fiber)

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19 Healthy And Delicious Ways To Use Your Spiralizer

Oodles and oodles of noodles!

Zucchini Cacio e Pepe

Zucchini Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e Pepe is a traditional “cheese and pepper” pasta in Italy. Top these zucchini noodles with bacon for a dish so good, you won't even miss the pasta. Recipe here.

Raw Spicy Zoodle Bowl

Raw Spicy Zoodle Bowl

This zucchini bowl is full of corn, pepper, and carrots, and it's perfect as a main dish or a side. Recipe here.

Raw Carrot Pasta with Ginger-Lime Peanut Sauce

Raw Carrot Pasta with Ginger-Lime Peanut Sauce

This salty-sweet sauce is made with peanut butter and coconut oil. Recipe here.

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Ice Cream Around The World

You scream, I scream, the world screams for ice cream! / Via BuzzFeed Video

18 Love Songs That Are Actually About Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink

“Got me looking so crazy right now.”

"Love Story" by Taylor Swift

"Love Story" by Taylor Swift

Ron Chapple Stock / Getty Images

"Let Me Love You" by Mario

"Let Me Love You" by Mario

George Doyle / Getty Images

"My Love" by Justin Timberlake

"My Love" by Justin Timberlake

Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

"I Wanna" by All American Rejects

"I Wanna" by All American Rejects

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

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15 Egg Dishes Everyone In London Needs To Try

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Eggs Benedict at The Wolseley

It's hard to find fault with brekkie at the Wolseley. Luxurious, but not flashy. Pricey, but giant portions. Eggs Benny here are golden and unctuous. Their scrambled eggs are worth a look too. Treat yourself (and a friend too if you're feeling flash).

Menemen at Café Z Bar

A massive feast in a dish. Turkish scrambled eggs, served piping hot with chunks of sausage and feta – and of course a big basket of bread. If this doesn't cure your hangover, nothing else will.

Eggs and Avocado Toast at Dean Street Townhouse

A breakfast made for Instagram. Combine soft lemony avocado with chewy sourdough, and a touch of chives. Finish with a perfectly poached egg, and choose your filter. Or just tuck straight in, up to you.

Eggs with Dates and Spices at Persepolis

This Persian supermarket has a nifty café attached, with a short but sweet menu. Go for eggs with dates and spices – or eggs with plantain and harissa for a carby boost. And then come back later in the day for pudding. Trust us on that one.

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School Bullying – Forgive, Ignore or Revenge?

Giving your child the best advice when they are being bullied is a challenge for many parents. While some parents sign their kids up for kickboxing or karate lessons in a bid to boost confidence and give them the tools to fight back; others strive for non-physical resolutions such as ignoring and avoiding bullies; and some parents run out of options and eventually get their child to switch schools.

Thankfully, scientific bullying research is beginning to put the ball in the victim’s court, with the latest study trying to identify the best advice to give to kids about dealing with bullying.

Just published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, the study investigated the impact of providing young adolescents with advice to forgive, avoid or take revenge in a school bullying context by assessing the children’s emotional, cognitive, and behavioral coping responses to these three types of advice.

184 children that were at the peak risk age for bullying (11-15 years old) were recruited from an all girls and an all boys Christian private school in Sydney, Australia, that were similar in terms of the high amount of time, energy, and resources dedicated to bullying prevention and management. The children clarified that 50% of students experienced physical bullying and 75% of students experienced verbal bullying in the previous school term.

The students completed an online survey by reading 3 hypothetical physical and 3 verbal bullying scenarios that culminated in advice from a hypothetical friend providing simple instructions on how to respond with either forgiveness, avoidance or revenge.

Emotional reaction to advice

The children were significantly less angry when given the advice to forgive than to avoid or take revenge. Additionally, the teens found the bullying situation more serious when given advice to avoid, rather than to forgive or take revenge.

These are perhaps the most important findings from the study. Avoiding bullies has previously been shown to increase feeling victimized and reduce self-esteem, which further exasperates the effects of bullying in the long-term. Moreover, both avoiding and plotting revenge are associated with the humiliated fury and rage often experienced by the victim, which has been associated with children walking a slippery slope to further problems and becoming angry bullies themselves.

As such, forgiveness seems like the best solution regarding the emotional state of the victim, where they do not get as angry or take the event too seriously. This should ensure that their feelings of being a victim and having low self-confidence are not exasperated and allow them to achieve a better emotional state to be less adversely affected by the bully.

Cognitive reaction to advice

The kids thought that the bully was in pain more when given advice to avoid than to take revenge. In essence, giving advice to avoid created greater empathy for the bully than revenge did. This is great if we consider that seeing the bully in a more empathic context is known to reduce emotions of hatred towards the bully, as well as the kids self-shame.

However, while avoidance advice may give room for an initial step towards forgiveness when it’s hard for a victim to initially let bygones be bygones, long-term avoidance strategies have many negative implications, such as significantly hindering academic achievement and causing the kid to skip classes or drop out of school. As such, avoidance advice should be used as a strategic tool, and not as a permanent solution.

Behavioral reaction to advice

The kids were more likely to follow the advice to avoid rather than to forgive the perpetrator. Additionally, they were most likely to ignore the bully when given advice to avoid than to take revenge. This was expected considering that avoidance has been reported as the most common strategy used victims of school bullying.

However, while it may appear like a child is actively ignoring a bully, research has shown that the majority of children who attempt to ignore a bully only success in pretending to do so. Ultimately, this may be the process by which increased anger manifests itself in the victims despite on the surface seeming to avoid and ignore the bully. Whats more is that avoidance strategies also train children to avoid interpersonal conflict and ignore it, as opposed to resolving the conflict, which may have negative implications for both school life and beyond.

So what is the best anti-bullying advice?

While this is the first study of its kind, and different methods to test for the most effective therapeutic anti-bullying advice are required, there are some great implications for improving bullying interventions and helping parents provide sound anti-bullying advice that can be gleamed from the current study.

Developing empathy for an abuser may best be achieved through advising children to initially distance themselves from the bullying situation through avoidance. Statistically speaking, the child should know that this may initially cause the bully to bully even harder, testing their avoidance skills.

In fact a recent report suggests that you can teach a child to deal with this increased intensity of bullying and aid ignoring the bully by likening the child to a video console game, where the bully keeps trying to push their buttons. Specifically, explaining that by ignoring the bully they effectively pull out the plug of the controller so that the bully can no longer press their buttons, although they will try even harder to push the buttons initially to try and get the game to work.

Then, later advice to forgive can help reduce the anger that victims of bullying internalize, leading to better health and wellbeing for the victim by preventing the long-term negative effects of avoidance and preventing the vicious cycle of anger turning bully victims into bullies themselves.


Dehue F, Bolman C, & Völlink T (2008). Cyberbullying: youngsters’ experiences and parental perception. Cyberpsychology & behavior : the impact of the Internet, multimedia and virtual reality on behavior and society, 11 (2), 217-23 PMID: 18422417

Houbre, B., Tarquinio, C., & Lanfranchi, J. (2010). Expression of self-concept and adjustment against repeated aggressions: the case of a longitudinal study on school bullying European Journal of Psychology of Education, 25 (1), 105-123 DOI: 10.1007/s10212-009-0005-x

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Watson H, Rapee R, & Todorov N (2015). Forgiveness Reduces Anger in a School Bullying Context. Journal of interpersonal violence PMID: 26101439

Yeager DS, Trzesniewski KH, Tirri K, Nokelainen P, & Dweck CS (2011). Adolescents’ implicit theories predict desire for vengeance after peer conflicts: correlational and experimental evidence. Developmental psychology, 47 (4), 1090-107 PMID: 21604865

Image via Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.

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Hunt ‘has sympathy’ with charging for missed appointments

No plans to charge patients, but they must know what they are costing the NHS

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Texting can improve flu jab uptake
Cancer screening reminder texts work
More appointments missed on Mondays
Public supports fines for missed GP appointments
New drive to reduce missed GP appointments
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UK ‘can and should do better’ in many areas of healthcare

Scores worse than similar countries in many areas – but better for flu jabs and antibiotic prescribing

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RCGP backs O’Neill’s call for investment in new antimicrobials
Cardiac death rates fall across Europe
UK lagging behind most of Europe on health
UK falls behind other nations in preventing avoidable death
Hospitals to be ranked according to ‘avoidable deaths’
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Most patients happy with GPs – and opening hours

Survey results question usefulness of government’s calls for GPs to provide seven-day services

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GP leader warns of catastrophic workforce timebomb
Government pushes ahead with seven-day a week NHS service
Seven-day GP access pilot abandoned
Patients highly satisfied with GP care
Public wants NHS to prioritise 7-day GP access
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Bariatric surgery effective against type 2 diabetes

More likely to lead to disease remission than lifestyle intervention alone

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NICE suggests lowering threshold for bariatric surgery
Bariatric surgery may lower diabetes risk in obese patients
Promote exercise not surgery to cut obesity and diabetes, say MPs
Assess obese people with type 2 diabetes for bariatric surgery
Gastric bypass effective in obese diabetic patients
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Are industry ‘supertrialists’ imbalancing diabetes research?

Only 6% of all articles ‘fully independent’ and 11 prolific authors named in 10% of all trials

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Research needs to be relevant to patients
Pharma plans to boost transparency of its financial links to healthcare sector
Poor diabetes education leading to health complications
Medical journal accused of U-turn over conflicts of interest
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The drugs that protect people who have unprotected sex

The drugs that protect people who have unprotected sex via BBC News - Health Read More Here..

Cystic fibrosis gene therapy boost

A gene therapy has stabilised and slightly improved cystic fibrosis in some of 136 patients in a trial. via BBC News - Health Read More Here..

VIDEO: India fails to publish UN health report

The Indian government is not publishing the results of a vast national survey of the health of the country's citizens. via BBC News - Health Read More Here..

On The Pulse - 03rd July

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Statins and Gender

Source: HealthDay - Video
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Sniffing could provide autism test

The way children sniff different aromas could form the basis of a test for autism, suggest researchers in Israel. via BBC News - Health Read More Here..

Gene therapy works in cystic fibrosis for the first time

A technique that compensates for the faulty gene in the lungs of people with cystic fibrosis improves lung power – and may lead to similar approaches for other lung conditions

via New Scientist - Health Read More Here..

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We're About To Enter Peak Hot Dog Season

It’s hot dog season. Can the downward trend in wiener consumption be reversed?

Tacar / Getty Images

From June to September, when days are long and the dewy summer air is warm and full of promise, America enters a glorious time called peak hot dog season. Yet our love of hot dogs has been cooling recently, according to sales data from Nielsen.

If the trend can be reversed, it likely would happen around this time of year. In July, the country consumes one-tenth of the hot dogs eaten all year, which is why the month has been dubbed National Hot Dog Month. In honor of this dubious culinary holiday, here's everything you need to know about the hot dog business.

U.S. hot dog sales have struggled.

U.S. hot dog sales have struggled.

BuzzFeed News

Sales in dollar terms have increased about 2% over the last year, but that was due to higher prices and a shift to more costly premium hot dogs, according to Jonna Parker, director of account services at Nielsen.

In absolute numbers of wieners sold, it's a grimmer picture. "Retailers are selling less unit volume of hot dogs and have been since 2011," she said.

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21 Items Worth Putting On Your Wedding Registry

Tried and true products that will make your married home even happier.

Alice Monkongolite / BuzzFeed Life

And for every wedding guest who can't stand them, there's a wedding guest who finds them incredibly useful. Meanwhile, a lot of couples stress about exactly which items to put on their registry (so many OPTIONS in the toaster aisle!), and everyone — couples and guests — wants to feel like the whole wedding gift process is actually worthwhile.

GrimmAndProper / Via

The Sweethome is a website where deep-dive research nerds and product testers put hundreds of hours of research and testing into finding home essentials that will truly last a lifetime. And the editors at BuzzFeed Life are huge fans of what they do.

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Behold the MacDoner: A Burger Encased In Deep-Fried Kebab Meat

Can’t decide between a chippy-tea or a Maccy’s? You can get a MacDoner instead.

This is the MacDoner: a Big Mac encased in a pound of doner kebab meat, before being battered and deep fried.

This is the MacDoner: a Big Mac encased in a pound of doner kebab meat, before being battered and deep fried.

Cavendish / Cavendish Press

The burger and kebab hybrid is the creation of John Clarkson, owner of Mister Eater Fish and Chips in Preston, who dreamt it up the after witnessing a dispute between two teenage boys in his shop.

The burger and kebab hybrid is the creation of John Clarkson, owner of Mister Eater Fish and Chips in Preston, who dreamt it up the after witnessing a dispute between two teenage boys in his shop.

Clarkson told BuzzFeed: "Two boys of around 15 and 16 were in the shop last week arguing because one wanted McDonald's and one wanted a kebab, and it gave me an idea. I picked up a Big Mac on the way home, wrapped it in rolled-out raw doner meat, battered and deep fried it, and the rest is history!"

The meaty creation will go on sale at Mister Eaters this week and is likely to cost around £6 or £7, Clarkson told us. "It's big though – you've got about a pound of doner meat in there so you'd want to share it. You probably couldn't eat it alone," he added.

Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

Clarkson's Preston chip shop first came to wider attention after he created the world's biggest deep-fried Ferrero Rocher.

Clarkson's Preston chip shop first came to wider attention after he created the world's biggest deep-fried Ferrero Rocher.

Unfortunately, "we're not allowed to sell them any more," Clarkson told us. "Ferero Rocher said they’d sue."

"I must be in the press for my specials at least once a month," Clarkson said. "People are always coming in and asking me for new things, otherwise I'd stop!"

Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

At Easter, Clarkson deep fries Creme Eggs.

At Easter, Clarkson deep fries Creme Eggs.

85p each!

Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

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The cancer sniffers: Dogs could be the best tool for diagnosis

Anecdotes of dogs that can sniff out cancer have been doing the rounds for years, and now the urban legend is being subjected to scientific scrutiny

via New Scientist - Health Read More Here..

21 Snacks That Will Make You The Cool Mom Of Your Friend Group

Because snack time is the most important meal of the day.


Cake Batter Puppy Chow

Cake Batter Puppy Chow

~for people~ Get the recipe.

Spicy Brown Mustard Cheestaches

Spicy Brown Mustard Cheestaches

An elegant snack for an elegant gathering. Get the recipe.

Sweet and Salty Banana Chips

Sweet and Salty Banana Chips

For when a bag of Lay's just doesn't cut it. Get the recipe.

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FDA: Use Only Approved Prescription Ear Drops

Source: Food and Drug Administration
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Promise from A New Weight-Loss Drug

Two-thirds who took Saxenda lost 5 percent of body weight, study shows

HealthDay news image

Source: HealthDay
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Menopausal Women At Lower Heart Risk Than Men of Similar Age

Study found little difference between menopause types, but black women had less advantage than white

HealthDay news image

Source: HealthDay
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Patients with Low-Grade Brain Tumors Living Longer

Chemo improvements have likely played a role, researchers say

HealthDay news image

Source: HealthDay
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Unapproved Ear Drops Targeted by FDA

These prescription meds have been available for years, but safety, quality are concerns

HealthDay news image

Source: HealthDay
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Are Too Many Young Americans Getting Antipsychotics for ADHD?

Study shows rise in prescriptions for the powerful medications, even though they're not OK'd for this use

HealthDay news image

Source: HealthDay
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