Sunday, 30 September 2012

Researchers Tackle Age-Related Decline in Immune Response

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New health care law: advice needed

New health care law: advice needed


Financial advisers should brace for the brave new world of helping clients navigate tax brackets in order take the best advantage of tax credits included in the health care reform law, according to Carolyn McClanahan, an adviser with Life Planning

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Targeted Agent Turns in Mixed Results in NSCLC (CME/CE)

VIENNA (MedPage Today) -- Survival failed to improve in patients with heavily treated non-small cell lung cancer who received sorafenib, but the drug did offer advantages in disease control and other outcomes, investigators reported here. via - medical news plus CME for physicians Read More Here..

Clinical Notes: GI Bug Sickens German Kids

(MedPage Today) -- Thousands of German schoolchildren fell ill last week, all of whom ate school lunches provided by the same catering company. Also this week: an anti-IL-17 drug shows promise in psoriasis. via - medical news plus CME for physicians Read More Here..

Facebook Blamed for 'Fuelling Violence' By UK Judge

Facebook was criticized by a British judge for encouraging violence, because people feel they can post offensive messages without revealing their identities. "It is remarkable when people are communicating on Facebook, that they say things they would not say face to face," the Telegraph quoted Judge Nigel Gilmour of Liverpool Crown Court, as saying. "We are increasingly getting in court instances beginning on Facebook, it is becoming more and more," ...

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One-of-a-kind Trial Held By World's Smallest State, Vatican

For leaking secret papers the trial of Pope Benedict XVI's former butler and a Vatican computer technician has no precedent since the Holy See became a sovereign state in 1929. The 19th-century courtroom where the trial takes place is tucked away behind the apse of St. Peter's basilica in a corner of the city state that is strictly off-limits to the millions of tourists who visit the Vatican every year. The Vatican's criminal court is separate from the ...

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In 5yrs China Will Have More Skyscrapers Than US

According to a report, China is likely to have more number of skyscrapers than the United States in five years' time. By 2017, China will have 802 buildings more than 152 meters in height on its mainland, compared to 539 in the United States, MotianCity, a research organization in China focusing on skyscrapers said. According to the Shanghai Daily, the report said that in ten years from now, the number of skyscrapers on the mainland would reach 1,318, ...

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Paris Sent New Rap Song By Lady Gaga

A musical message was sent to the Paris fashion crowd by Lady Gaga. It gave a preview of her first rap song at the Mugler show by Nicola Formichetti, who is also her personal stylist. Entitled "Cake", the track -- on which the diva's voice is barely recognisable -- has been doing the rounds on the Internet for the past 10 days, but the star had yet to acknowledge it as her own. The song's highly offensive lyrics led to write last week that ...

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Early Animal Evolution Linked to Extreme Climate Change

New evidence linking extreme climate change, oxygen rise, and early animal evolution was provided by an analysis of organic-rich rocks from South China. A dramatic rise in atmospheric oxygen levels has long been speculated as the trigger for early animal evolution. While the direct cause-and-effect relationships between animal and environmental evolution remain topics of intense debate, all this research has been hampered by the lack of direct evidence ...

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